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Measuring ring size: methods, tips and techniques

It does not matter if it's a engagement or wedding ring, the feeling you get from wearing it is definitely the right one! A ring that is too tight will restrict the finger. If the circumference is too large, it could easily slip off the finger. It is crucial that the size of the ring is correct. What are the most effective methods to measure ring sizes? Which one of these methods is the most reliable?

We'll show you how to measure your ring with ease by using the most effective tips and tricks. We'll also give you an overview of the top tools and an easy to read ring size table.

Overview of the different possibilities for measuring sizes of rings.

Tip: The ring size template is the best solution to determine the ring size of your partner, for example to choose an engagement ring. Find out how to use a ring determine the circumference of the ring in the "Methods" section below.

Avoid these common mistakes when measuring ring sizes

It is important to remember when determining the ideal size of ring, that the circumference of the ring can alter throughout the day and at different temperatures. When it's cold in the morning, your fingers are thinner. They expand when it's hot. Additionally, the fingers of the right and left hand often have different circumferences. Pregnancy and weight fluctuations are also factors that may affect the circumference.

To take these fluctuations into account, it's best to take several measurements in various situations - i.e. at different times of the day and in various temperatures. It is also recommended to take the measurement shortly after purchasing the ring.

The proper location to measure is the middle joint of the finger. Measure between the second joint and the third. If it's a finger ring, however, measure between the joint and the base.

To determine the perfect size for your ring, it's best to take several measurements. Take measurements in the morning or noon and in the evening in different temperatures and at different times. Add all measurements together and divide by the number of different measurements to determine the average circumference of a ring.

How can you determine the proper ring size

The most reliable way to determine the size of a ring is to place it directly on the fingers of the person who will wear the ring. Alternatively, you can take measurements using a ring that already is sized to fit. This method doesn't consider temperature or time fluctuations. The measurement is not as precise. There are also differences in the accuracy of the tools available to you. For instance an expert ring sizer or a ring template provides more precise measurements than, for instance, a piece of string, which is frequently recommended as a measurement aid. Below is an in-depth guide to the most popular methods of measuring ring sizes.

In jewelers and online you can find various sizes of rings templates. There are two major variations.

In the first case the first one, you'll compare a good ring against the various sizes on the template. Place the ring over one of the sizes, and compare the size that matches the ring. In the second alternative, you can use a template that has the ring size punched out or a range of models of rings cut out. This gives you the opportunity to put your finger through the cutouts and test the size that is most suitable for you. We also offer a practical size-of-ring template at a reasonable cost.




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